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Welcome to GunStart!

We are a family centered handgun training business in Alaska.

Todd and Tammy Smith are certified firearms instructors who are committed to helping you gain the skills necessary to defend your life and the lives of those you care about. We offer the essential training you need to carry a handgun everyday with confidence.

You won’t find us training for the zombie apocalypse or jumping out of flaming helicopters. Here’s the reality, the threat you’re most likely to encounter will be completely different than what our military and police will face – this means you need the skills and training geared to what you will most likely run up against. This is exactly what we offer!

We also invite you to visit our blog where we share our thoughts on carrying concealed, review equipment and handguns, and share news you don’t want to miss!

“My husband & I had very little experience with guns so so we decided to take GunStart’s concealed carry class. This was great for us as beginners. I can’t believe how much I learned by the end of the last class! I really feel like I know more about safety around firearms than others with more experience because  of the training. The teachers are helpful & very knowledgeable. Highly recommend! We both passed & got our permits.”

“Loved this opportunity to learn the basics of handguns in a fun, safe, and friendly environment. The no pressure atmosphere and care taken with each student made us all successful.”

“This class went above and beyond expectations! Todd and Tammy were so kind and answered all of my questions without hesitation. I feel much more confident handling a handgun now.”

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