Handgun Training in Alaska to defend yourself and those you love

This is the WHY… We provide the HOW.

Welcome to GunStart!

We are a family centered handgun training business in Alaska.

Todd, and I (my name is Tammy) are both certified firearms instructors who are committed to helping you gain the skills necessary to defend your life and the lives of those you care about. We offer the essential training you need to carry a handgun everyday.

Classes offered:

As parents, siblings, aunts and uncles we know what it means to have people depending on you to return home and stay safe. We take our job very seriously realizing that what you learn from us may save your life someday.

We recognize that as the world changes many people are choosing to learn about handguns who have never handled a weapon before. As such, it is important that we provide both a physically and emotionally safe place to learn. There are no ego’s in our classes. That means no hotshots, no stupid questions, and no one is left behind. You never need to worry about feeling stupid or slowing down the class.

Our classes build incrementally and are appropriate for the beginning through intermediate shooter. We will teach you the skills you need to defend yourself against your most likely scenario – we aren’t training for the zombie apocalypse and we aren’t jumping out of flaming helicopters! (if you’re looking for that kind of training, email us and we’ll share some great resources) We’re excited to be the training option preferred by couples and single women.

We promise you’ll have fun, learn a lot, and be excited to go to the range and practice the skills you learn!

As you look around, you’ll find detailed information about our classes and learn more about us and our training. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates to our schedule and useful tips and tricks to keep you safe.

Thanks for stopping by and we’re excited to see you on the range!

Alaska Concealed Carry Class with GunStart


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