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GunStart Level 1 – Alaska Concealed Carry Class


Price depends on number of shooters and rentals if needed. Discounts given for multiple shooters. Round up your friends! Range Fee Not Included ($10pp) Use Discount Code “happy together” for $25 pp off when you bring a friend.

Current Schedule:

The first evening from 5-9 AND Saturdays from 9-5 unless otherwise noted.

  • August 24 & 25 (Fri & Sat)

Classes are a four hour evening in a classroom and a full eight hour day at the range. You must attend both sessions. 

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This class is perfect for a beginning to intermediate shooter who wants to learn to safely handle a firearm and use if for self-defense. You won’t find any egos or overly tactical attitudes in our classes. We specialize in teaching the essential skills you need to defend yourself and those you love.

Got to say – Todd and Tammy’s CCW class is way more than that. It’s the CCW course AND it’s Shooting 101. Perfect for beginners, good for experienced gun owners, and that’s how a CCW class should be. You get far more training than any other permit class that I’m aware of. Todd and Tammy make a good team in how they teach, they explain everything very well, and they both can shoot accurately on-demand as they demonstrate certain techniques. I have taken 6 handgun training classes in the last 18 months and GunStart is one of the best. I HIGHLY recommend the CCW class and anything that Todd & Tammy teach for that matter. You won’t be disappointed. ~ Wasilla Steve

Alaska does not require you to have a permit to carry a handgun concealed. However, knowing the laws, understanding when you can use deadly force, and how to actually draw from a concealed holster is a skill that is essential. We will provide you with the certificate, fingerprints, pictures, and application to apply for your AK concealed handgun permit.

Alaska Concealed Handgun Permits are Valid in 37 States and are NICS exempt for firearm purchases. In addition, we are now offering Utah non-resident conceal carry course for AK Permit holders. The Utah permit will give you the ability to also carry in Washington State  giving you the best nationwide coverage.

Don’t want the permit but need great, friendly training? This is the class for you too! We will supply you with the necessary paperwork to get the permit, but you don’t have to submit it to the State.

Our Alaska Concealed Carry Class is 12 hours as required by the State and will cover:

  • firearm safety
  • how a handgun works
  • handgun and holster selection
  • violence avoidance and awareness techniques
  • loading and unloading semi-automatics and revolvers
  • drawing and shooting from a holster
  • accessing your handgun from concealment
  • a variety of skill building drills
  • marksmanship and accuracy
  • the laws governing handguns and the use of deadly force in Alaska.

What you need for class:

  1. Modern handgun – Rentals are Available, ammo not included.
  2. 200 rounds of ammunition – not sure what to buy? Call Us
  3. 2 or more magazines – included with gun rental
  4. Strong-side hip holster – Included with gun rental (No soft holsters – must not close when you remove gun. No Serpa holsters) questions? Call us.
  5. Ear protection – electronic highly recommended – included with gun rental
  6. Safety glasses – included with gun rental
  7. Sturdy Belt (pants with belt loops)
  8. Hat with a brim – this keeps hot brass from falling between your glasses and your eyes.
  9. Close-toed shoes
  10. Shirts should have a high, closed front to avoid hot brass easily falling inside
  11. Jacket or over-shirt to use for concealment
  12. Water – staying hydrated is important to keeping your mind clear on the range
  13. Lunch and snacks – pack a lunch and bring snacks to eat during breaks to maintain your blood sugar levels. (we provide wipes to clean your hands)
  14. Camp Chair

Classes are held on Thursday evenings and all day on Saturdays. You must attend both sessions. We start on time so give yourself adequate time to arrive at the classroom and range.

Terms & Conditions

When purchasing a class from GunStart you are certifying that you are legally able to handle a firearm. Specifically this means you are not a felon and do not have any outstanding legal issues that prohibit you from accessing a firearm.

All classes are transferable but non-refundable.See details on class date changes here. No shows and last minute cancellations (less than one week) will result in forfeiture of your registrations fees. Please call with questions.

If you miss the safety briefing in the first hour of range day, you will be turned away without a refund. Please give yourself plenty of time to find and arrive at the range.

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