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Children’s Gun Safety (4-11)


The price of class is per family unit. Please include the number of people who will be attending in the notes section of your order upon check out.

Parents must attend with their children.


  • September 19, 6-8pm
  • Have a group interested in a class? Give us a call.


Children’s Gun Safety (Parents, and Age 4-11)

This 2-hour class uses both the techniques taught by the NRA and its Eddie the Eagle Program, and Massad Ayoob’s “Gun Proofing your Child”. As a parent you will learn how to quickly teach your children what to do if they come in contact with a gun outside of your presence. You will also learn how to “de-mystify” a gun by teaching your child that they can look at, touch, and even hold a gun anytime under your direct supervision. This class is taught with you and your child present at the same time to help reinforce the importance of your role as the responsible adult, and how both of you together can be safe around guns.

Prerequisites: None