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Family Gun Safety


Price includes immediate family members 12 and older.

Class Date:

  • Friday, March 16, 6-9pm


Gun Safety starts at home. Everyone in your home should know what to do if they come across a gun. What they do will differ depending on their age. This class will help parents start conversations with their children and give them age appropriate guidelines that will enable them to know what to do when they encounter a gun outside of their parents influence.

In our world it’s important to realize that our children might come across a firearm in many places outside of our influence. We will answer questions like how to remove themselves from a sticky social situation, where to go, what to do or not do, and who to tell. We’ll discuss when and why they might need to handle the gun, how to do this safely, and unload it if appropriate.

We’ll introduce resources for parents to take into their homes to facilitate these conversations. We’ll give you ideas for helping demystify the firearm to reduce the chances that your children will go looking for a firearm in your home. We’ll discuss the safe storage of both loaded and unloaded guns in the home, car, camper and other locations you might have your guns.

This class is appropriate for children 12 yrs old and older. It would be perfect for adults who have no desire to shoot but want to understand gun safety. There will be NO shooting in this class.

Terms & Conditions

When purchasing a class from GunStart you are certifying that you are legally able to handle a firearm. Specifically this means you are not a felon and do not have any outstanding legal issues that prohibit you from accessing a firearm.

All classes are transferable but non-refundable. No shows and last minute cancellations (less than one week) will result in forfeiture of your registrations fees. Please call with questions.