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GunStart Level 2 – Skill Builder


This class is only taught a couple times a year. It runs from 9am – 5pm.

Range Fees not included ($10)

Current Scheduled Classes: 

  • Friday, Mar 16


I was in downtown Seattle dropping off one of my daughters at the Pacific Science Center for a class. I needed to pick her up in an hour so I decided to grab some groceries while I waited. I was driving our 15 passenger van with a rack on top and soon realized that it wasn’t going to fit in any of the parking structures nearby. A little frustrated and starting to run out of time, I chose to park a block away from the store, behind a hotel. My eleven year old daughter and I hurried up the street and into Trader Joe’s. Being from Alaska I had forgotten that it get’s dark in the evening in most places so when we exited with our arms full of groceries I was distraught to see that I now had to walk down the block and into an alleyway behind a downtown hotel, not just with my arms full, but with my young daughter in the dark. What had I done?

I squared my shoulders, juggled my packages, got out my keys and started walking. Our path was lit by streetlights, and at the corner in a pool of light were two white panel vans parked end to end. I was on high alert, watching and listening… my daughter’s running conversation was background noise as I used all my faculties to “be aware” of our surroundings.

Suddenly, as we turned the corner, a man in a light grey sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over his head jumped out in front of us from between the two vans. I was startled and gasped audibly… He glanced up, apologized, then kept jogging up the street.

What if that experience had ended differently?

This was the moment when I started to take my training seriously. My life and that of my daughter’s could have depended on how quickly I could respond to a threat, and what tools I could bring to a fight.

It’s not how much time you’ve trained with your gun, it’s the last time you trained with your gun that counts. Our goal with this class is to provide the opportunity to refresh the skills you learned in our CCW class and take them to the next level.

Don’t wait until you are desperate to defend yourself or your loved ones to realize you can’t get to your gun quick enough or don’t have the skills to shoot one handed accurately. Come practice safe and effective techniques with us!

Prerequisites: Graduate of our Level One/CCW Course or Equivalent (contact us for details)

In this 8 hour class we will review basic skills learned previously and add new ones. This class is designed to be taken repeatedly as you to continually improve your ability to defend yourself with a firearm.

We will cover:

  • Speeding up your draw stroke
  • Shooting from concealment
  • Improving speed and accuracy
  • One handed shooting
  • Weak handed shooting
  • Head shots
  • Multiple threats
  • Clearing Gun Malfunctions

What you will need for this class:

  1. Modern handgun (no antiques, must have trigger pull of 4 lbs or more)
  2. 3 magazines
  3. 350 rounds of ammunition
  4. Range hip holster – (No soft holsters – must not close when you remove gun. No cross-draw, shoulder, kidney, or thigh holsters. No Serpa holsters)
  5. Sturdy Belt
  6. Ear protection – electronic highly recommended
  7. Safety glasses
  8. Hat with a brim – this keeps hot brass from falling between your glasses and your eyes.
  9. Close-toed shoes
  10. Shirts should have a high, closed front to avoid hot brass easily falling inside
  11. Jacket or over-shirt to use for concealment
  12. Water – staying hydrated is important to keeping your mind clear on the range
  13. Lunch and snacks – pack a lunch and bring snacks to eat during breaks to maintain your blood sugar levels. (we provide wipes to clean your hands)
  14. Camp chair

Terms & Conditions

When purchasing a class from GunStart you are certifying that you are legally able to handle a firearm. Specifically this means you are not a felon and do not have any outstanding legal issues that prohibit you from accessing a firearm.

All classes are transferable but non-refundable. If you need to reschedule within 2 weeks of class we will do our best to accommodate you but there will be a $75 charge, per person. This is due to the fact that we may not be able to sell your spot in such short notice – which means you have taken up 2 spots instead of 1. 


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