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Trauma Class – Frank DeYoung


August 26 9am – 5pm at Cabelas in Anchorage

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Surviving the immediate aftermath of a deadly force attack

Taught by Frank DeYoung of Threat Anatomy LLC

Many students have asked for training in physically surviving the immediate aftermath of a deadly force attack. What can be done to staunch life-threatening blood loss and similar injuries after you have stopped the attack against you or against a loved one or companion? Or better yet how about everyday life at home or on the road when a life threatening injury can occur. Are you ready?

This one-day class will cover many aspects of First Aid as specifically applied to these concerns. The program begins with an introduction to the mindset for seeing traumatic injuries and breaking the tunnel vision so you can treat those injuries. We will cover safety for you and your patients, be that yourself or another person. We will also cover the legality of those actions.

You learn to recognize injuries and triage them by severity and treat them without wasting precious time. You will get to see and use equipment that is cutting edge for trauma care. This class will not only help you but your family also as injuries can occur anytime and anywhere.

Terms & Conditions

When purchasing a class from GunStart you are certifying that you are legally able to handle a firearm. Specifically this means you are not a felon and do not have any outstanding legal issues that prohibit you from accessing a firearm.

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