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Use of Deadly Force – Avoiding Costly Mistakes



  • September 12, 6-10pm
  • October 26, 6-10pm


Do Lawyers put you to sleep? Does reading statutes give you a headache? This class won’t do either!  This class is designed to help clear up and de-mystify self defense law. We use a powerful technique taught by Massad Ayoob, one of our nations foremost experts in Self-Defense Instruction to help you build a foundation needed to be able to make split second decisions when defending your life, and how to articulate and authenticate why those decisions were the right ones. Be prepared to take lots of notes, as most of this class you will never have seen or heard before. We will end this class with a practical application exercise to help you integrate these concepts.

Please understand-Due to the sensitive nature of this material a “Good Guy” card is required. 

Prerequisite: Good Guy Card = a Trooper Background Check, Concealed Carry Permit, ID from any Job requiring a background check, or other that is personally cleared by us ahead of time.

The law itself, it’s interpretation, and it’s application is not simple or straightforward and as such, this class doesn’t offer “legal” advice, but facilitates a discussion and understanding about the subject.