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Women’s Handgun 102 – Shooting Basics


Class held at Rabbit Creek Range from 1-5pm. Range fees not included – $10

2017 Schedule:

  • March 3
  • May 26
  • July 8
  • August 4

Consider also taking our Women’s Handgun 101 taught immediately before this one on the same day.


This class is perfect for a beginning female shooter who wants to learn to safely handle and shoot a firearm. You won’t find any egos or overly tactical attitudes in our classes. We specialize in teaching the essential skills you need to start shooting safely.

This 4 hour class will cover the following topics:

  • Firearm safety
  • How to load and unload your gun safely
  • Grip, stance, and trigger control
  • A variety of skill building drills
  • Marksmanship and accuracy

What you need for class:

  1. Modern handgun – Rentals are Available 
  2. 2 magazines
  3. 150 rounds of ammunition
  4. Ear protection – electronic highly recommended
  5. Safety glasses
  6. Hat with a brim – this keeps hot brass from falling between your glasses and your eyes.
  7. Close-toed shoes
  8. Shirts should have a high, closed front to avoid hot brass easily falling inside