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Women’s Handgun 102 – Shooting Basics


Class held at Rabbit Creek Range. Range fees not included – $10

Current Schedule: classes are held from 1-4pm

  • Friday, Feb 2
  • Friday, Jun 22
  • Friday, Aug 24

Consider also taking our Women’s Handgun 101 taught immediately before this one on the same day.



This class is perfect for a beginning female shooter who wants to learn to safely handle and shoot a firearm. You won’t find any egos or overly tactical attitudes in our classes. We specialize in teaching the essential skills you need to start shooting safely.

This 3 hour class will cover the following topics:

  • Firearm safety
  • How to load and unload your gun safely
  • Grip, stance, and trigger control
  • A variety of skill building drills
  • Marksmanship and accuracy
  • Common Concealed Carry Holster options
  • Q&A session about how to carry concealed
  • Use of Deadly Force Considerations – when you can and can’t use your gun.

What you need for class:

  1. Modern handgun – Rentals Available 
  2. 150 rounds of ammunition
  3. 2 magazines – included with gun rental
  4. Ear protection – electronic highly recommended – included with gun rental
  5. Safety glasses – included with gun rental
  6. Hat with a brim – this keeps hot brass from falling between your glasses and your eyes.
  7. Close-toed shoes
  8. Shirts should have a high, closed front to avoid hot brass easily falling inside

Terms & Conditions

When purchasing a class from GunStart you are certifying that you are legally able to handle a firearm. Specifically this means you are not a felon and do not have any outstanding legal issues that prohibit you from accessing a firearm.

All classes are transferable but non-refundable. No shows and last minute cancellations (less than one week) will result in forfeiture of your registrations fees. Please call with questions.

If you miss the safety briefing in the first hour of range day, you will be turned away without a refund. Please give yourself plenty of time to find and arrive at the range

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