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What our Students are Saying…

“I took the Alaska Concealed Carry Permit Course with Todd and Tammy in June 2013. It was completely awesome, not only was the class informative but it was also very fun. I attended the class with a good shooting buddy of mine “Bill.” He and I agree that this is going to be the start of many more shooting classes. I would highly recommend Todd and Tammy for all of your firearm training needs. I would also like to tip my hat at their ability to help me recognize some things that I’ve been doing wrong, and to get me to change for the better. Thank you Todd and Tammy for a great experience!”


“My husband & I had very little experience with guns so so we decided to take GunStart’s concealed carry class. This was great for us as beginners. I can’t believe how much I learned by the end of the last class! I really feel like I know more about safety around firearms than others with more experience because  of the training. The teachers are helpful & very knowledgeable. Highly recommend! We both passed & got our permits.”


“I was excited to get into Kathy Jackson’s “Cornered Cat” class in 2012. I had read her blog when I first decided I wanted to have a concealed gun and her method fit right in with me having kids. It would not have happened without Todd from Gun Start as he hosted our class and took care of all the targets and set up everything at the range. He also helped us with our gun basics as it was a bunch of women there and many of us were truly novices. I was happy to have a confident man who was not overbearing in his knowledge but would help us if we asked him. I not only enjoyed Kathy’s teaching but Todd’s as well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone (especially women) if they wanted to start somewhere but not be intimidated by their instructor. I think it helps that Todd has a quiver full of children and a wonderful wife that helps as well. He has learned how to teach in a very kind way. Thanks, Todd and Tammy for helping me be a confident.”

“GunStart is fantastic! Todd and Tammy are the most patient teachers you will ever find and continue that patience in the atmosphere of their class. I am a woman and was in a class full of men  but never felt out of place because of their concern to make sure everyone was comfortable and understanding each subject they covered. I was nervous and anxious about carrying a gun with me before their class, and now I don’t leave home without it. I highly recommend Gun Start for anyone who wants to further their gun education, beginner or expert.”


“I am a beginner & I took this class. they were patient & knowledgeable. I learned so much. I would highly recommend this class to everyone!”

“Thank You! Your Class was excellent! And your assistance and patience with less experienced shooters was awesome!”

“The GunStart team is very knowledgable and has a great curriculum for gun handling and gun safety.”

“I became much more comfortable with my gun after this class.”

“It was nice learning the proper way to shoot and I didn’t feel out of place for not knowing what I was doing.”

“This class went above and beyond expectations! Todd and Tammy were so kind and answered all of my questions without hesitation. I feel much more confident handling a handgun now.”

“I really appreciated feeling safe and learning at my own pace. I never felt rushed or was laughed at for errors.”


“You walk away feeling VERY comfortable with firearms after this class and more prepared for the unknown.”

“The lessons learned were presented in calm, reassuring ways with options to ask questions as much as necessary. Small classes give plenty of time for questions and concerns to be taken care of.”

Great Class! Very knowledgeable instructors. Todd and Tammy do a great job covering what you need to know to better protect yourself and family in a safe training environment.”

“I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in concealed carry that does not have a lot of experience”

“I have been shooting for years and trained in the military, but still learned a great deal. Professional, friendly, and fun!”


“This class is great for all skill levels. The instruction was clear and informative, and the range day provides great practice. As a woman with next to no gun experience, I feel much more informed and less fearful, and have a greater understanding of the importance of being able to defend myself or others.”

“I highly recommend GunStart. I started the course not knowing how to load, use holster, or any basics, except to shoot. I now have confidence and a foundation to follow up with lots of practice.”

“I purchased the class for my wife as an anniversary gift. Thought it would be practical and romantic to do together. The first day of class we had a family emergency. Todd and Tammy were very understanding and rescheduled us for a later date. The class was informative and useful. They got points across clearly and safety was job #1. My wife and I feel comfortable with our abilities to protect our home. Thank you GunStart!”

“Todd and Tammy do an excellent job of teaching a variety of students and also paying specific attention to what they can help you with individually. They put on a fantastic course!”

“I was very interested and pleased to see that the class wasn’t just a “point and shoot” themed event. The ethics and morality of self-defense were emphasized and it’s now clear to me that carrying a firearm responsibly is something that requires us to live to higher standards and become better, more complete people. Thanks!”


“Very informative class. Todd and Tammy are awesome instructors. They cater to your individual needs. It is a great class for someone who has never shot before as well as for an experienced shooter.”

“As a female who didn’t grow up around guns at all, I’ve always been very apprehensive. After taking this class, I not only want more guns – I want a higher caliber one. Very educational & I feel SO much more comfortable!”

“Excellent course that teaches far more than gun safety & gun skills.”


“These guys were very accommodating and encouraging. All the basics were covered as well as focus on common situations. Highly recommended!”


“Mr and Mrs Smith are a terrific team! They understand what concerns we have as first time shooters and they make this whole experience comfortable and exciting. They are also keen to common mistakes and will work with us to correct those mistakes. This course was awesome, I’d highly recommend it!”


“Loved this opportunity to learn the basics of handguns in a fun, safe, and friendly environment. The no pressure atmosphere and care taken with each student made us all successful.”

“I feel confident after taking this class. The teachers were very understanding and competent. I will take more of these classes. It helped me learn to defend myself with AND without a gun. Great Class!”

As a retired Police Officer and USAF Security Forces Member I enjoyed the course. Todd and Tammy Smith were well prepared and taught in a manner that was applicable to new and experienced shooters. The range portion of the course was excellent, they insured that all students were familiar with their weapon and stressed weapon and range safety. They used peer coaches insure that all students were involved with the entire class. The  The total experience was very good and I had a great time. In many other range sessions I have seen instructors use them as an Ego fest on how the instructor is, but not at this class. Well done, I will recommend the Class to others.

James A.

Dear Todd & Tammy — “THANK YOU SO MUCH” — for the training sessions that you provided this last Thursday and Saturday. Taking a look back at my earlier exposure to organized small arms training — goes back to the 1960’s. Needless to say — a very large “void” regarding firearms safety had since — then had evolved. Your sessions certainly brought home the importance of just being aware of the serious distraction that are very much a part of our every days lives.The other important factor that I came away withe is — that “you are never to old to learn”!!! MUCH APPRECIATED!!!


Got to say – Todd and Tammy’s CCW class is way more than that. It’s the CCW course AND it’s Shooting 101. Perfect for beginners, good for experienced gun owners, and that’s how a CCW class should be. You get far more training than any other permit class that I’m aware of. Todd and Tammy make a good team in how they teach, they explain everything very well, and they both can shoot accurately on-demand as they demonstrate certain techniques. I have taken 6 handgun training classes in the last 18 months and GunStart is one of the best. I HIGHLY recommend the CCW class and anything that Todd & Tammy teach for that matter. You won’t be disappointed.

Wasilla Steve

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